Obama beachball oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Its never to late. so here it is the obama beachball. now everybody can play with the head of the world. you asked you don’t understand? i don’t do completely myself. i would not say obama is a racist. i cant because black people can not be racists. but i can say he is probably, most likely, the biggest racist-creator alive. by openly saying the plan of the US is to destabilise the middle east and by doing so he created millions of people to immigrate to europe, and other countries around the successfully destabilised countries. millions of refugees resulted in a grow of racism in europe. germany just got the first facist party back into parliament since WW2. a extrem rightwing coalition is in power in italy and the brexit. not to mention all the east-europeans countries. easily he created half a billion racists just in the EU. i don’t say he didn’t do anything good. he just apologised for libya as his biggest mistake….blablabla…

Obama beachball – last few left!!

Play with the head of the world!

Soft, shiny, touchy, black rubber. Also helps agains mosquitos!! 40cm in diameter. See some more images here. For clarification, the face is not smiling! it just looks like. There won’t be any smiling version in the future.

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“i think the ball’s silly… and racist… and not provoking any real discussions except how juvenile the artist is.” gentelmental “He is making money off the backs off racism.  Golliwogs are not acceptable for similar reasons.  Ignorant people found this stuff acceptable back then too.  Jesus Christ I despair.” Eric “Muggy racist cunts like you and Dave need to get stabbed so that you will stop spreading your vile ideology. Actually though, stabbing is probably too good for you…I’d like to cut your dad’s cock off, stuff it in your mouth and then set you on fire. ” Bob

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